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title pic How to Make Your First Crochet Scarf

Posted by admin on September 9, 2009

Mastering crochet takes desire and patience. At first, crochet patterns may seem complicated so this is an easy crochet pattern to start with. All projects begin with a slipknot. Create the knot, and slip the crochet hook in the loop you created, and then tighten it to fasten the knot. The basic crochet stitches are […]

title pic Know Your Crochet Terms

Posted by admin on

When learning how to crochet, you will see that patterns use a lot of abbreviations. These are crochet terms that are shortened to make patterns shorter and easier to read. If you are learning how to crochet you needs understand the basic crochet terms in order to read the patterns accurately. There are a number […]