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title pic The Best Way to Learn How to Crochet

Posted by admin on September 9, 2009

Crochet is something that can be enjoyed by every one of all ages. Especially with the new desire for unique fashion and expression these days, many people are now turning to crochet.

So how does one go about learning how to crochet? It is not as hard of a skill to learn as you might imagine but it does take a bit of skill and, as with anything new, patience. In addition, you need the right resources such as proper hooks, yarns, needles, some easy crochet patterns and most of all some perseverance and a willingness to learn.

Let’s now discuss some tips on how to learn crocheting.

You should start by learning how to hold the yarn. This is a very important skill. You have to know how to let the yarn pass through your fingers, while you’re holding it. You can loop the yarn around your little finger, and then make it cross the forefinger to accomplish this.

You should hold your hook like you hold a pencil or spoon. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be working with the yarn. Experiment with different ways of holding it until you become efficient and it feels comfotable.

There are certain things you want to have if you want to learn to crochet. These are the basic things: scissors, a size-G crochet hook, a yarn needle with a huge eye, and yarn, of course. Make sure your yarn is the worsted-weight kind of which ever color you want!

The first step to remember when you want to learn to crochet is making the slip knot onto your crochet hook. This is an easy step, as it is. You just need to hold your crochet hook steady when you make the slip know.

After which, bring the yarn right over the crochet hook. This should be in a back to front motion. Once this is done, grab the yarn with your hook. And then, draw the hooked yarn right through the slip knot you made, and place it right back onto your hook. Doing this makes a one-chain stitch. This is the basic stitch you need to know if you want to learn to crochet. There are still other stitches to know if you want to learn to crochet extensively. But let’s just stick with the basics for now.

Keep doing these steps, to make more chain stitches. One you’ve made a long line of chain stitches, you’re ready to make your second loop. You do this by skipping the first chain stitch you made, and inserting your hook into the center of the following chain stitch. Draw the yarn right through the chain stitch. Once this is done, place it onto the hook. You should now have two loops.

Keep repeating these steps, depending on the piece you want to make. If this indeed a first for you to learn to crochet, then you should start with small pieces. A handkerchief, or a scarf perhaps, would give you the practice you need, then you can move on to bigger things!

Finally, it is important that you learn how to read crochet patterns. It may look complicated at first because there are many abbreviations. By familiarizing yourself with the different abbreviations, and also with the different stitches that are required for these patterns, you’ll be able to better yourself and your crochet skills.

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